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All Makes Car Servicing & Repair at Subaru4you

Quality Vehicle One Stop Service and Car Repairs Garage in Newbury

Great Quality at Independent Rates

At our family run Independent Car Repair & Service Centre in Newbury Berkshire we have a great reputation for assisting our customers with every aspect of their car maintenance. We are an independent garage and we strive to be the best. For a garage in the Newbury area try us - as a family run business we are very proud of the highly-professional yet friendly service we offer for car repair and servicing in the Newbury and surrounding area.

Audi, BMW, Citroen, Chrysler service, Fiat servicing, Ford Honda service, Hyundai Isuzu servicing. Jaguar Kia Lada service,. Lexus service, Lotus Mazda Mercedes-Benz servicing. Mini servicing, Mitsubishi Nissan Peugeot service. Proton service, Renault Rover servicing, Saab service. Seat Skoda Ssangyong servicing Subaru Suzuki Talbot service Toyota Vauxhall servicing. Volkswagen service & Volvo Servicing in the following areas:

Newbury, Thatcham, Woolhampton, Speen, Chieveley, Hermitage,Bradfield, Cold Ash, Compton, Didcot, Hungerford, Boxford, Lambourn, Aldbourne, Ramsbury, Newtown, Burghclere, Highclere, Kingsclere, Greenham, Beenham, Woolhampton.

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Trading Hours:
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:30pm
Sat - 8:30am to 12:30pm

Call us now on 01635 35355


All makes of car servicing and repairs

Alfa Romeo Servicing, Audi Servicing, BMW Servicing, Citroen Servicing, Daihatsu Servicing, Fiat Servicing, Ford Servicing, Honda Servicing, Hyundai Servicing, Isuzu Servicing, Jaguar Servicing, Kia Servicing, Lada Servicing, Lancia Servicing, Land Rover Servicing, Lexus Servicing, Lotus Servicing, Mazda Servicing, Mercedes-Benz Servicing, Mini Servicing, Mitsubishi,Nissan Servicing, Opal Servicing, Peugeot Servicing, Porsche Servicing, Proton Servicing, Renault Servicing, Rover Servicing, Saab Servicing, Seat Servicing, Skoda Servicing, Ssangyong Servicing, Subaru Servicing, Suzuki Servicing, Talbot Servicing, Toyota Servicing, Vauxhall Servicing, Volkswagen Servicing, Volvo Servicing, Yugo Servicing, Zetor

  • Servicing & mechanical repairs to all makes of car
  • Diagnostic Facilities for Engine Management Faults
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Brake Pads & Discs Replacement
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Cambelt Replacement
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Exhaust Replacement
  • Winter & Summer Checks
  • Air conditioning / climate control service
  • Pre MOT checks and repairs and MOT arranged
  • Car bodywork arranged
  • Cars or Small Vans
  • Newbury and all of the following areas: Thatcham Hermitage Chieveley Peasmore Beedon Hungerford Lambourn Burghclere Newtown Woolhampton.

Quality parts used. Specialty oils available. OE parts available on request.

MOTs arranged

While you wait,
subject to booking

Free retest upto
10 working days

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Mould & Fungi removal treatment to remove unpleasant Air Con Smell

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Subaru4you caters for almost all makes of car. We service and repair the following: Audi Car Service Newbury, BMW Car Service Newbury, Citroen Car Service Newbury, Chrysler Car Service Newbury, Daewoo Car Service Newbury, Fiat Car Service Newbury, Ford Car Service Newbury, Honda Car Service Newbury, Hyundai Car Service Newbury, Isuzu Car Service Newbury, Jaguar Car Service Newbury, Kia Car Service Newbury, Lada Car Service Newbury, Lancia Car Service Newbury, Land Rover Car Service Newbury, Lexus Car Servicing Newbury, Lotus Car Service Newbury, Mazda Car Service Newbury, Mercedes-Benz Car Servicing Newbury, Mini Car Service Newbury, Mitsubishi Car Service Newbury, Nissan Car Service Newbury, Opal Car Servicing Newbury, Peugeot Car Service Newbury, Porsche Car Servicing Newbury, Proton & Renault Car Service Newbury, Rover Car Servicing Newbury, Saab Car Service Newbury, Seat Car Service Newbury, Skoda Car Service Newbury, Ssangyong Car Service Newbury, Subaru Car Service Newbury, Suzuki Car Service Newbury, Talbot Car Service Newbury, Toyota Car Service Newbury, Vauxhall Car Service Newbury, Volkswagen Car Service Newbury, Volvo Car Service Newbury, Yugo Car Service Newbury, Zetor Car Service Newbury. Cheap car repair, Newbury - car repairer at lowest prices. Your One Stop Servicing Centre in the Newbury area - Low cost car repair and service Newbury Berkshire. Prompt repair for your autos Millers oils in garage ALL makes of vehicle repaired Vehicle Servicing & Repairs to brakes, clutches, exhausts, suspension. Auto Services (Newbury), Thatcham, Hermitage, Newtown, Burghclere, Greenham, Hungerford, Woolhampton and Speen.







All Makes Car Servicing & Repair at Subaru 4 You

Alfa Romeo Service, Audi Service, BMW Service, Chrysler Service, Citroen Service, Daewoo Service, Daihatsu Service, Fiat Service, Ford Service, Honda Service, Hyundai Service,
Isuzu Service, Jaguar Service, Kia Service, Lada Service, Lancia Service, Land Rover Service, Lexus Service, Lotus Service, Mazda Service, Mercedes-Benz Service, Mini Service,
Mitsubishi Service,Nissan Service, Opal Service, Peugeot Service, Porsche Service, Proton Service, Renault Service, Rover Service, Saab Service, Seat Service, Skoda Service,
Ssangyong Service, Subaru Service, Suzuki Service, Talbot Service, Toyota Service, Vauxhall Service, Volkswagen Service, Volvo Service, Yugo Service, Zetor.
Newbury Thatcham Hermitage Chieveley Peasmore Beedon Hungerford Lambourn Burghclere Newtown Woolhampton
Servicing and car repair to most makes.